Rent a iPad 3

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Rental of iPads

Rent your iPads and save a lot of money.
We offer more than 350 iPads with delivery in a few days.
When you rent iPad, they are delivered and ready for use incl. charger.
We offer free installation and setup of your iPads so they are ready for use at reception. Although this iPad is an older model of Apple iPad, it is still suitable for minor purposes such as web browsing older apps etc. iPad 3 is fast enough to handle the most common tasks. If you are in doubt about the performance on an iPad 3, feel free to contact us and we will find the perfect iPad for your purpose.
Note that Apple iPad 3 can not be updated to the latest iOS 11.
Should you rent a cheap iPad for a smaller purpose, iPad 3 is a great choice. When you rent an Apple iPad, you have the option to purchase a 4G data card, which means you can access the internet without access to Wi-Fi. For the rental of iPad incl. data card, you get 50GB of data with you. 50GB data is enough for most purposes including. streaming movies from your iPad.