Rent a Apple iPad 4

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Rent a cheap iPad 4

When you rent an iPad 4 at Nordic IT Rental, we can offer it with or without 4G LTE, which means you can use the rented iPad online wherever you are in the country and if you are near Wi-Fi means nothing. When you rent an iPad with us, we offer free to install it, set up language and Apps on the devices. We have Scandinavia’s best prices on iPads rental, and therefore we offer a price guarantee on all our iPads. That means, if you find the same item at a cheaper price somewhere else, we’ll match the price or make it even cheaper. With Denmark’s sturdy inventory of iPads, we can offer large amounts of iPads and within a few days, we can have prepared well over 350 iPads ready for use. We also offer a wide range of accessories for iPads.