Rent accessories for iPad & iPhones

  • Powerbank

    Hire a power bank for your event and avoid running out of iPads and iPhones. Quick charge, with enough power for at least 2 charges.

    kr. 40 Price for the first week kr. 5 Price after first week - per. day

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  • iPad stand

    - Stand for iPad - Table stand made of aluminum - High quality and very stable - Safe and stable feet - Compatible with all iPad models.

    kr. 56 Price for the first week

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  • Data SIM card with 3G / 4G for iPad

    Rent a Mobile Data 3G / 4G card to your laptop or iPad. You only pay 200, - DKK per Data cards and you gets 50 GB data usage. The card will expire automatically after 7 days. If ...

    kr. 200 Price for the first week

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  • Multicharger for iPads 40 Port

    Rent a smart multi-chargerstation for iPads and iPhones with LCD Display. Able to charge up to 40 units at one time. Multi-charger needs 230V power.

    kr. 320 Price for the first week

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  • Floorstand for iPad Pro 12.9″

    Rent a floor stand for the Apple iPad Pro 12.9". When renting gold stand, you have the option of mounting iPads for use at a comfortable height. Renting iPad stands may be a good i...

    kr. 400 Price for the first week

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Rent accesories for iPads and iPhones

You can rent everything from stand, headset, chargers, data cards and more. If you need accessories that you can not find on this page, you are always welcome to contact us at tel. 71998904.
For example, you can rent an iPad with its associated data card with 50GB data. It is also possible to rent an iPhone with accompanying SIM card, with 10 hour speech and 20GB Data.
Rent a stand for iPads. You are able to rent both floorstanders and tablestanders.
We have stands for all types of iPads.