Rent an Apple iPhone 6s

iPhone 6S

kr. 800(First rental week)

Rent an iPhone 6s incl. cover and protective screen.
When you rent an iPhone 6s you can get it delivered incl. SIM card with talk time and data.
Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about the option of delivering the iPhone with voice and data card.
You are able to rent an iPhone 6s with installation and system/Apps, or it can be delivered as reset.

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Product Description

Rent an iPhone 6s

Rent an iPhone 6s and have the opportunity to be mobile with an Apple iPhone today.
When you rent an iPhone, you can choose whether to be rented with a mobile SIM card or if you want to use your own sim card.
All rental Iphones comes reset and without simlock. When you rent a iPhone 6S, you can install it with your  own Apple ID and thereby transfer and use the data that is associated with your Apple ID. It is also possible to rent more iPhones and use the same Apple ID. When you rent an Apple iPhone 6S, it is delivered incl. charger and case. You are always welcome to contact us if you have some questions to rent iPhone.

When you rent a iPhone it comes incl. a protection case and panzer protection glass and of course a charger. If you  want to have installed some apps before delivery, so we install free apps on all rented iPhones. When renting an Apple iPhone 6S allows you to install it on exactly the language you want and with exactly the configuration that best suits you. Depending on how long a period you rent a smartphone, we can help you find the right subscription to the phone. We have talk time packages that cover most needs.